Ongoing Breakdown of Acton Gardens’ Regeneration Phases

All information provided is publicly available online via the Ealing Council planning permission portal. Information provided here is constantly updated and renewed according to the planning permission portal. The phases in orange have been built and are in the process of being occupied by residents and the phases in blue are in the process of construction and/or conceptualisation.

Phases 1 to 3 (Southern Quadrant)

Housing Association Tenants:  162 new homes (Social Rent)

Council Tenants: 239 old homes (Council Rent)

  • Conclusion: Loss of 77 Social Homes

Phases 4 to 5 (Western Quadrant)

Housing Association Tenants: 119 new homes (Social Rent)

Council Tenants: 202 old homes (Council Rent)

  • Conclusion: Loss of 83 Social Homes
  • Accumulation: -160 Social Homes (overall)

Phases 6 (Southern Quadrant)

Housing Association Tenants: 84 new homes (Social Rent)

Council Tenants: 93 old homes (Council Rent)

  • Conclusion: Loss of 9 Social Homes
  • Accumulation: -121 Social Homes (overall)

Phases 7.1 (Northern Quadrant)

Housing Association Tenants: 87 new homes (Social Rent)

Council Tenants: 39 old homes (Council Rent)

  • Conclusion: Gain of 48 Social Homes
  • Accumulation: -112 Social Homes

Phase 8 


Phase 9


Phase 10


Phase 11